I had a strange thing happen when I was at primary school and up to this point I had often seen shadows passing by me, hearing soft whispers and always felt that I was not alone.

One day, a classmate invited me to her home because it was her mother’s birthday. Everybody seemed to know and like my friend because she was sweet, polite and always smiled.  When anybody asked her who I was, she would cheerfully say: “My classmate and best friend!”

We were introduced to an old woman whom I will never ever forget.  Her left eye was covered by a grey silk scarf and the right eye still looked normal but could only see just a little better than the other.

The old lady asked my classmate: “Why do you introduce her and ignore her twin?”  We were both shocked, especially me, because there was no other child with us and I know that I DON’T HAVE A TWIN!!!  My little sister was three years younger than me, so I didn’t understand what she was talking about!

My classmate asked her: “Grandma, what are you talking about? Who are you referring to?” The old lady seemed genuinely shocked especially when one of their neighbours, a mother carrying her child, said: “Grandma, don’t scare the life out of these kids. There’s no one with them.”

The old lady grabbed me by the shoulders and I clearly saw the fear in her eyes. Her forehead creased and sweat.  I will never forget what she told me: “You should be careful. Take care of yourself and never let them deceive you. They are always around. Never give in!