Time Travellers
Oct 28, 2019 @ 14:41

By Anon

I was in grade 3 and that was I think year 2,000 when I encountered a man talking to someone using a touch screen mobile phone. Touchscreen gadgets are not yet invented only keypad phones. Yeah, i’m sure of that. I saw the phone and I think it was like Samsung Note 8. I couldn’t imagine how the man had that mobile phone because it was not yet launched. I was just staring at him wondering, WHAT KIND OF MOBILE PHONE HE WAS USING? IS IT EXPENSIVE?..
I can’t forget that day. It’s still very fresh on my mind..
I experienced a lot of things which are impossible to believe for other people that’s why I just keep them in my mind and prefer not to tell anybody because they might think i’m insane.

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  1. Love you my friend

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