Murder Solved
Dec 11, 2018 @ 3:36

Murder Solved After 35 Years

This is my story – It is an unforgettable experience I had during primary school when the ghost of a young girl who had been missing for 35 years showed me where her body had been hidden.


During break time I went to girl’s toilet I was by myself when I felt the temperature drop suddenly, I ignored the cold sensation and went into one of the cubicles, when I was finished I went to the end corner of the room to where to handbasin was to wash my hands.

As I was leaving the toilets I saw a girl walking in the opposite direction but as I had my head down fixing my uniform I only saw her uniform, it was the same as what I was wearing but hers looked like an older style, the type of uniform you would see in the old movies.

Her hair was long and black, covering her profile and she looked dirty but since it was a primary school I thought nothing of it.  As we passed, her hair touched my bare left arm and suddenly shivers ran down my spine and my heartbeat echoed in my ears.

When I snapped out of the sensation I ran back into the toilets to look for her, to my disbelief, SHE WAS GONE!!  How on earth was that possible there was no other way out?  I ran to the end corner of the washroom, and almost fell when I stopped abruptly.  There was nothing there but also nowhere to hide.  The only thing in that corner was the wash basins, I felt so dizzy that I ran very fast away from that place.

I have no recollection of getting to my English class, but my teacher told me that as soon as I stepped inside, I just stood near the door, eyes wide open, hands shaking and appeared to be looking at something that was not actually there.

What I saw kept me awake at night and it was almost a week before I summoned up the courage to talk to our principal Mrs McKenzie.  I was close to her, she was a nice old lady, like the sweet grandmother type.  When I told her what I saw, she looked me straight in the eye and told me a story that still even now, haunts me sometimes.

Miss Bouchier, as she was known as back then, was a teacher fresh from College when one of the young female students went missing and the young girl was never found.  No matter how intensive the police investigation was, they never found a trace of the girl, and the investigation just stopped with the case unsolved.

As she spoke, Mrs McKenzie stopped suddenly to ask me what I was looking at, I suddenly sped out of her office and when she caught up with me to question me again.  I told her I had seen a man dressed in a brown ragged shirt in the girl’s toilet, hitting something with a metal steel.  Then I saw blood, a lot of blood.  The next thing I saw was the man putting cement mixture in the exact place where the handbasin stood.

Our principal called three male janitors and asked them to come with us down to the toilet block, and when they broke the cement and removed the ply wood covering on the old water drain we found the remains of a young girl, long black hair matted, bloody and dirty and a huge gaping wound on the side of her head.

The gruesome discovery had finally unlocked a decades old mystery.

And as we all stood there in silence feeling shocked and scared, I will never forget the chilling breeze that blew past us but my most distinct memory is hearing the sweet soft laughter of a young girl that was carried away on that same breeze.

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