This is not a story about ghosts and I don’t know if you will publish something like this, but it does still haunt me to this day, my family and I are the only ones who know what happened on our farm over these two nights.

I am the eldest son of 5 kids and live with my family outside a little town in Alaska we have a farm and raise pigs and chickens.  One weekend the rest of my family all went away to visit cousins and I stayed home to look after the farm and the animals.

On that Friday after my family had all left I did my chores which kept me busy most of the day, towards late afternoon when I had finished all the work that needed to be done I decided to pack up and head inside for the night.

I showered and got ready for a quiet night and had just sat down and turned the television on when I heard a loud thumping sound outside and the animals in the barn were making a hell of a racket.  It sounded like someone was banging on the barn door trying to push it open, but our barn door slides open, so I grabbed the rifle and headed out the front door and turned on the porch light.

It was just on dusk and when I looked over to the barn I got a glimpse something that sort of looked like a man but seemed much bigger and hairier disappear around the corner and out of sight, then I heard the most eerie guttural growl, I think my heart stopped for a bit and my feet felt like they were glued to the porch, I had never heard anything like it before.

I have lived here all my life and know all the animals around this area and there is nothing I know of that makes a sound like I heard, I was shaken but I knew I had to go and check the animals in the barn.  I grabbed the flashlight and went over to look around, still feeling on edge but couldn’t find any trace of anything being there.

The next night the nightmare really began, I had gone to bed around 10pm and was woken around 2 O’Clock in the morning by the animals they were going crazy the noise was incredible, I jumped up and threw on some clothes grabbed the rifle and flashlight and ran outside over to the barn.

As I got closer I could see a big hole in one of the side walls (the wood on this wall was quite rotten and needed replacing), I was terrified, I had my rifle aimed as I burst threw the hole in the wall.  It was chaos the animals were running everywhere, but the only thing I could see was the huge man like creature crouched at the back of the barn holding a dead pig its arms.

As I came through the wall of the barn it looked up and saw me and it jumped up on two legs and leapt out the window in one smooth motion still holding the dead pig, so I only saw it for a few seconds, it’s arms were long and it was covered with dark coloured hair, I’m not really sure of the colour it was too dark to tell.

I could hear it crashing through the trees as it raced away from the barn, I ran over and flicked on the lights, there was blood everywhere and I could see 3 more dead pigs. It took me the rest of the night to try to get the animals back in their pens and patch the hole in the wall, it was dawn before I got back to the house.

I told my family what had happened when they returned the next day, but we have never told this story to anyone else, I am still not sure what this creature was or is and I’m still trying to understand what I saw on those two nights.

This happened a few years ago and has never happened again yet.