Skin As White As A Ghost
Jun 6, 2019 @ 15:15


Once when I was walking home from buying something at the nearest convenience store from our house at 11:55 pm. The street doesn’t have at least one person except for me. After 5 minutes when I am nearly quarter a mile from my house, I suddenly felt a light, cold touch on my right leg, but when I looked back there was nothing. I continued walking and it is currently 12:03 when I saw a young boy running across the street, but when I tried to look for him he was gone. I thought it was just because I am very sleepy and it is just my imagination. After a few minutes, I am nearly close to my house when the same boy was in front of me looking at the sky when I shouted hey to him he looked at me with hollow eyes, a bloody smile and his skin was as pale as a dead person buried under the ground. I tried to scream help but as hard as I could try I can’t. I was deeply traumatized. All I could think about is to run go straight to bed, but as he got closer the more I froze. When he is near me I pushed away my fear and trauma and ran to my house and didn’t say about anything to my parents and went directly to sleep. But everytime I sleep I get nightmares about him, I see images of him in every place I go and feel like I am in eternal darkness. It only stopped when I went to the church and prayed for it all to stop.
The End

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