Portals To Other Worlds
Aug 7, 2019 @ 10:11

Hi ,I’ve had some experiences . One one night I woke to go to the toilet only to stand up and be frozen on the spot. In the hallway directly in front of me was a giant white orb. It was floor to ceiling and walls to wall width of my hall way. It stayed there just like a portal really. I felt shocked but also calm. It was there roughly about 20 seconds. So it felt like a really long time. And then like a click of a finger it was gone. The light faded from the outer circle inwards till there was just darkness. I felt like somebody was watching me as all this happened. My mother hadn’t passed then. She passed 3 yrs later.
There was also the time I slept at my sister’s house. It was morning and I went downstairs to make coffee . I came back up to see (what I thought was my nephew) just stood staring into a full length mirror. When I told my sister & hubby why Billy was acting strange they replied “Billy’s not here Wendy! He stayed at his mates last night!”
So I told them what I saw . I then learned that a young lady died there before they moved there. She had a mental illness. Had same colour and length hair as my nephew and her bedroom was my nephew’s room. Weird! I have also seen the ghost in a famous spot near my city. She was glowing as she rowed down a river. I’ve seen some dark things too. Not all have been good

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