My Mother My Angel
Aug 30, 2019 @ 10:39

By Rachael

Hi Louise my world seems to be a bit like yours and I’d like to tell you about my Mom, she died when I was very young and she was a lot like me or me her, we are different to most people (well so I thought until I read some of the stories people have sent into you)
I have the ability to see into other realms or dimensions or they open up to me I’m not sure how it works, ever since my Mom died I have been able to communicate with her she used to come to me as a little girl so I thought it was a normal thing, until I got older and now know it is definitely not normal.
It has been a lovely thing for me over the years as I feel like I know her and the reality is I really don’t remember her I was to young when she passed, I can speak to her when I need to and I know she tries to protects me (she has given me the tools to cope) from other bad spirits that try to communicate with me or harm me in any way.
I think she had a very strong gift when she was alive and she is still strong on the other side, I now have 2 little girls of my own and I think they both share this same gift and I will help them cope with this like my Mom did for me and I know she is there helping us all as well.
Thanks for letting me share as this is not a story I can tell many only my close family and friends know and it is nice to have a place for people like us to go to and see there are others somehow it gives a sense of confirmation.

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