My Grandfather Is A Seer
Jun 6, 2019 @ 15:06

By Mark

Hello 😊 here is my story about ghosts. This is the very first time I found out that I can see them, maybe its not the first but this story is what I remembered. When I was a kid, I already have this ability, the ability to see ghosts. That night, my sister asked me to watch over her outside the CR. Our CR that time is outside the house and there is no electricity. Its soo dark like I couldn’t see anything because I didn’t bring a flashlight. While my sister is inside the cr, I saw 3 people standing in front of me, they slowly turned their faces towards me and stared. When my sister called me, I was about to go inside the cr when they suddenly shut the door. I cried and my grandfather ran to me, and he said some words I cant even understand. After hearing those words, I have never seen them again.

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