My Gift
Aug 9, 2019 @ 12:30

By Susan

Louise, I have been into some comments with your facebook post however, I just want to share another one of my stories:
As a kid, I was just so amazed how I was able to manage to tell things and they became true.. during those times, I will tell my mom that we will have some visitor coming from Manila or province then after a few hours.. here they come.. another one was I always knew if the postman will arrived and he will deliver us mails or registered ones. as I grew into my teens as if this gift escalated.. my everyday life was just a replay of what I dreamed.. not a day went by I would not know or encountered a piece of my dream however, when I was in my college days, it started to bother me.. because I was already dreaming of people who and how they will pass away.. It frightened me and when I decided I’d had enough.. I prayed that I am not ready for it and I want it gone. Somehow, it never occurred to me again the passing of the people. but from time to time.. I still dream and it still comes true. but it is just occasionally now. thank you for letting me post my experience.

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