Jun 15, 2019 @ 12:56

By Anonymous

It was the morning of the last day of school before we broke up for the school holidays and I decided that instead of going to school I was going to go the mall to buy some gifts for a Christmas party I was going to a bit later.
I was worried about the first 2 classes I had that morning because we had an assignment due to be handed in, and I hadn’t done it, although knowing I would finish it on the holidays I was hoping the teacher would accept if I handed it in after them because it was worth 100 points of my overall marks.
My friend J was upset with me when she realized I wasn’t at class, she was bored being there without me and also she knew I had gone to the mall to shop for gifts.
After the holidays when I returned to school I passed my assignment to the teacher and pleaded with her to accept it, I told her I had a fever which is why I missed class, which was a lie.
The teacher looked at me curiously and said that I had already handed my assignment in before the holidays, that I had handed it to her myself, she took my assignment out and showed me.
I was shocked there it was with my name on it and all done in my handwriting and about the same concept and idea that mine was about.
The teacher also said that I had been acting differently that day I was just smiling a lot like an idiot and that after school I had walked in the wrong direction on my way home to my house.
I was suspicious that it was another me in a parallel universe I couldn’t think of any other explanation.

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