• By Anon

    I was in grade 3 and that was I think year 2,000 when I encountered a man talking to someone using a touch screen mobile phone. Touchscreen gadgets are not yet invented only keypad phones. Yeah, i’m […]

  • By Rachael

    Hi Louise my world seems to be a bit like yours and I’d like to tell you about my Mom, she died when I was very young and she was a lot like me or me her, we are different to most people (well so I t […]

  • By Dianne

    Hi Louise when I saw the story someone sent to you about their UFO experience, I thought I would tell mine.
    This happened about 10 years ago, I come from a very rural town in Montana but was working […]

  • By Susan

    Louise, I have been into some comments with your facebook post however, I just want to share another one of my stories:
    As a kid, I was just so amazed how I was able to manage to tell things and they […]

  • By Amina

    When I was 10 and playing with my neighbour and friend in front of our houses I looked to the sky and saw some kind of flying thing with lights (I recall red and blue or maybe green). It was very fast […]

  • Hi ,I’ve had some experiences . One one night I woke to go to the toilet only to stand up and be frozen on the spot. In the hallway directly in front of me was a giant white orb. It was floor to ceiling and walls […]

  • By Oluwarotimi Awofisan

    Hello, my name is Oluwarotimi John Awofisan I’m writing this email to you cuz I see it as a chance for the world to hear my story. This started when I was a child between four and six […]

  • By Arlene

    Hi Louise this is my experience about mysterious events that happened in my home.It was the middle of the night and something woke me up, I realized that the television was on, so I got up to turn […]

  • By Anonymous

    It was the morning of the last day of school before we broke up for the school holidays and I decided that instead of going to school I was going to go the mall to buy some gifts for a Christmas […]

  • By Annet

    This is my real life experience, which I encountered just before my mothers death, I was by her side during the last days of her life she was suffering from cancer and was in severe pain.One day […]

  • By Alexander

    This happened when I was just 7 years old: It was 12 am at that time I was alone with my baby sitter waiting for my mom to arrive home, we were in the living room at the time, my babysitter slept […]

  • By Sana

    Something happened last night… When I came back home I noticed something missing from my room… It was my latest painting hanging on the wall… I searched for it and found that it had fallen down […]