Hiding In The Darkness
Jun 12, 2019 @ 11:57

By Abbey

I live in a society where things don’t happen naturally due to diverse culture & tradition with unnatural spiritual under tone. Things happen that you can’t just talk about because you could be talking to the wrong person. Demons, Ghost and Spirit in human form, not to mention the people possessed with witchcraft spirit, Marine spirit and so many different types in the society I live in.
September 1999, about 12 mid night, I was alone in my room listening to music then I heard voices in my head and I wanted to dismiss it as imagination but the voice said we shall see. I got scared, left the room and went to the sitting room put on the T. V. But didn’t put on the light, suddenly I heard something walking towards me from the back of the sitting room. When it got to where I sat down I got this overwhelming feeling that I was going to die. A thought came to me that if I was going to die let me go to my Moms room and die. When I took the 1st step I stopped and thought is this really going to be the end of me, I thought well what can I do and took 3 more steps in the direction of the room and stopped again to think that is this really the end? I now realized that something was wrong because I was not sick and nothing was physically wrong with me so why should I accept Death just like that so I put on the sitting room light and faced the empty space and started praying and talking to the emptiness. Next thing that happened scared the crap out of me. The ceiling fan, which was off at the time, started vibrating on its own, I continued praying, I used something to whip under the ceiling fan and the vibration stopped then the shower in the bathroom opened on its own, it was about 2.30a.m, the room I left seem to be filled up with people & I was hearing the sound of dogs barking, evil birds crying , cats etc all outside of the house with no other living soul awake to witness what was happening. In the process of praying I got inspired and challenged whatever entity to show it’s face and to stop hiding under the veil of darkness. I called names of some people living around the environment at the time & told them that as long as they don’t have the guts to show their faces that means I have conquered them and if they see me in the streets the will never be able to come face to face with me again. At about 4 a.m the nearby Mosque started calling the morning prayers and everything stopped . All the people I called their names ever since then never passed in front of my house again and avoided me by all means. It is the scariest experience I have ever had but I thank God am alive to tell the story for the very first time.

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