Divine Intervention
Jun 12, 2019 @ 13:55

By Lioness

Hello! I started suffering from a some skin disorder in 2015 July and doctors couldn’t figure out what it was, I was having blister kind of sores all over my body… my long term boyfriend then left me for someone else, he honestly told me that I was scaring him. I then spent most of my time praying for divine health; In March 2016 I had a vision; there were two men putting white clothes and a voice was instructing them to go and heal me and they came and on their way back they were told to return to give me the full dose. then after some short time after I had the vision i went to the hospital and I was booked to see one doctor , when I went to see him on the set date I was told he was transferred so I was attended by a different doctor who then gave me some medication and I left on my way out he came running towards me and told me the doctor I came to see has come for me… i was diagnosed with LICHEN PLANUS by the doctor I had come for and He gave me some more medication, and I was cured 😊

I had a dream in January 2019 I was standing in a huge beam of light and the sky was very dark with storm like clouds and suddenly it started to rain bricks and non fell on me then after a few weeks after I had the dream my uncle’s and aunt called me and accused me of things i didn’t do, they were very angry at me… I was just calm and I gave them honest explanations and they couldn’t pin not even a single accusation on me

I dream things, and lots of them occur just as I dreamt them
I even see places first in my dreams then when I visit them I find them exactly as I’ve dreamt them

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  1. I think I also have the same experience as yours. Its unfortunate that i couldn’t say these things to anyone but devine intervention helped a lot. I feel freed.

  2. That is great to hear Beaulah I am happy to help people in the same situation as I am there are lots of us please enjoy looking around and reading other peoples stories and know you are not alone 🙂

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