Devil Woman
Dec 11, 2018 @ 3:35

I grew up in Manila and I love to travel, I went to a province called Batangas with my then boyfriend Joshua to visit his parents.  One evening while I was sitting on the balcony of their home I saw an old woman in the street, she looked old and scary, she had a hunched back and I could tell by her stature she was weakened by age.  She appeared to be sweeping the area cleaning for dirt and dead leaves.

I called out to her “Ma’am why are you sweeping now it’s dark you might hurt yourself”.

She didn’t reply but as she turned around to face me, I froze her face was like an old hag from a horror movie, and as I looked into her eyes I was paralysed with fear. I couldn’t move I felt so alone and scared, which frightened me more, as I was used to having unexplainable experiences but there was something very different about this one.

Then she disappeared……..

After that I remember seeing blurred images and hearing muffled sounds I realise now that it was Joshua’s niece and nephews asking me what was happening, then everything became hazy and I felt like I was running endlessly feeling that I had to run and run if I stopped someone would grab me and kill me.

When the family members had seen me calling out to someone in the dark, someone that they couldn’t see and had asked me what I was doing, what was happening, I collapsed and started screaming.  I then apparently grabbed one of the children by the neck and kept screaming “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU”.

Now I am only a small person and as Joshua father Daneil tells it, it took six quite big men to drag me off the child and hold me down as I was fighting hard and speaking in a language they could not understand.  As they held me on the floor Daniel put a small figurine of baby Jesus on my forehead and started praying but as he did the figurine slowly turned black and became so hot in his hand that he was forced to throw it on the floor.

They called one of the of the village elders, an older man who was well known in the area as a powerful healer, he came over and performed a spiritual ritual on me which involved chanting and applying a mixture of powerful healing oils to my forehead.

When I awoke I was told that I had been crying and shouting for over four hours and the old man (the village elder) was still there watching me.

He spoke gravely to Joshua and I will never forget his advice to him:

“Don’t let her sleep alone or be alone at any time – she has been with all of them since she was born, it is a gift but it is also a curse if she disappears you will never see her again”.

I have had all kinds of creepy, scary and unexplainable experiences in my life this is just one, I have changed the names to protect the people in this story.






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