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I Saw My Father’s Car Accident
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This is my story….
It happened a long time ago back in the 90’s so it was before we all had mobile phones, my father was travelling by car with his friend to Egypt. He always called us everyday to ask how we were going and to tell us what he had done that day. Then one day the phone calls stopped it had been 3 days since we had heard from him and with no way to contact him or check how he was we really started to worry my Mom in particular.
All we knew was that he was somewhere in Libya and about to reach the Tunisian border. I remember this day distinctly it was on the 3rd day of having no contact with him, that afternoon I was upstairs in my bedroom and decided to go to my parent’s room to wait for the phone call from my Father but again there was no call so feeling worried and a little disappointed I started downstairs to join my Mother.
The moment I put my foot on the first step a strange sensation came over me, I knew my eyes were open and I was still standing on that first step but the truth of it was I knew I was somewhere else – I could see a highway, I was standing on the road watching a car going out of control and crashing, there was blood everywhere and two men in the vehicle. The driver whose head was on the steering wheel and his companion were both unconscious, I screamed which made me come back to the present time and my Mom came running up the stairs asking me what had happened.
It was such an unbelievable experience for me I couldn’t tell Mom what had just happened, I was so frustrated, it took me a little bit of time to regain my composure so I could explain what had just taken place.
My Father arrived home a few days later and told us that they had been hit by another car on the highway and they had both been taken to hospital, I was stunned when I heard his story and still wonder to this day what happened and why it happened to me……

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