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The Demon Man
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By Harper
Thanks for all the good stories you have put up and thanks for letting us tell them it’s not good that it happens to other people but it makes me feel not so crazy.
I was 13 when me and my family moved into an old 2 story house in town.
The first time we pulled up at the house I got a bad feeling I didn’t know why, the house looked very nice and was a lot bigger than where we had come from, we were all excited about having our own bedrooms.
From the time we moved in I felt like I was always being watched, sometimes it would feel like someone was standing right behind me, sometimes I even felt the breath on the back of my neck it scared to hell out of me.
There were lots of things that happened in this house, at night when I went to bed I would hear like someone scratching on the walls but it sounded like it was coming from inside the walls, other times I would hear someone whispering my name over and over, so I’d put my headphones on and turn my music up.
I didn’t say anything cause I knew they would all think I was crazy but one night I woke up about 3am to see the blankets being pulled off my bed but there was no one there, I can’t even say how scared I was I grabbed the blankets and pulled them over my head then I started hearing my name being whispered and then laughing not a happy laugh but a real evil laugh, headphones on again and I didn’t go back to sleep for the rest of the night.
So one morning a few weeks later I woke up after a really bad night and my stomach was really sore it felt like it was on fire and when I pulled my shirt up to see what was up I had 3 long bleeding scratches across the middle of it, scratches like animal claws would do.
I went in and showed my Mom and told her what had been going on, I was surprised when she said she believed me cause some of the stuff had been happening to her as well but she didn’t say anything cause she knew it would frighten us and she had no idea it was happening to anyone else.
So Mom asked everyone else if they had had any sort of experience’s like ours, but it was only Mom and I but she knew she had to try and stop it.
She looked on line and found some paranormal investigators near us and they came over to see if they could find out what was happening, they had a psychic medium with them and as soon as he came in the house he didn’t say anything and went straight down into the basement.
The others set up a stack of equipment all around the house and started walking around with recording devices video recorders and headphones asking questions, so by the end of the night Jim had found out that we had some sort of demon spirit and said he thought he could help us.
So a couple of nights later they came back and said they had found out some things that happened in our house a long time ago like over 100 years ago, the family that lived there had slaves that worked for them and the father was big and strong and really mean. He used to beat the slaves and had hung 1 of them in the basement, and it was him that was doing all this bad stuff to Mom and I, he believed the house was still his and didn’t want us there but while we were there he treated us like he owned us.
The paranormal investigators tried to get rid of him and things did get better for a while but a few months later he was back and worse than ever and we were all getting attacked, more scratches and one of my brothers was pushed down the stairs when no one else was in the house.
Then Dad got a job in another town and we had to move, we were all so happy the day we left that house, things had been so bad for so long, now I don’t hate coming home from school anymore.
I think if we had stayed he would have killed one of us.

My Gift
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By Susan

Louise, I have been into some comments with your facebook post however, I just want to share another one of my stories:
As a kid, I was just so amazed how I was able to manage to tell things and they became true.. during those times, I will tell my mom that we will have some visitor coming from Manila or province then after a few hours.. here they come.. another one was I always knew if the postman will arrived and he will deliver us mails or registered ones. as I grew into my teens as if this gift escalated.. my everyday life was just a replay of what I dreamed.. not a day went by I would not know or encountered a piece of my dream however, when I was in my college days, it started to bother me.. because I was already dreaming of people who and how they will pass away.. It frightened me and when I decided I’d had enough.. I prayed that I am not ready for it and I want it gone. Somehow, it never occurred to me again the passing of the people. but from time to time.. I still dream and it still comes true. but it is just occasionally now. thank you for letting me post my experience.

Divine Intervention
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By Lioness

Hello! I started suffering from a some skin disorder in 2015 July and doctors couldn’t figure out what it was, I was having blister kind of sores all over my body… my long term boyfriend then left me for someone else, he honestly told me that I was scaring him. I then spent most of my time praying for divine health; In March 2016 I had a vision; there were two men putting white clothes and a voice was instructing them to go and heal me and they came and on their way back they were told to return to give me the full dose. then after some short time after I had the vision i went to the hospital and I was booked to see one doctor , when I went to see him on the set date I was told he was transferred so I was attended by a different doctor who then gave me some medication and I left on my way out he came running towards me and told me the doctor I came to see has come for me… i was diagnosed with LICHEN PLANUS by the doctor I had come for and He gave me some more medication, and I was cured 😊

I had a dream in January 2019 I was standing in a huge beam of light and the sky was very dark with storm like clouds and suddenly it started to rain bricks and non fell on me then after a few weeks after I had the dream my uncle’s and aunt called me and accused me of things i didn’t do, they were very angry at me… I was just calm and I gave them honest explanations and they couldn’t pin not even a single accusation on me

I dream things, and lots of them occur just as I dreamt them
I even see places first in my dreams then when I visit them I find them exactly as I’ve dreamt them

Wonderful, I
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By Sriyani

By 2013 I was the single parent of my 15 year old son. I was residing with my old mother and son in a semi urban area in a two storied house. I was travelling my office, a water related Government organisation 20 km away from home by public transport. I was a Chief Engineer of age 52 years then. My husband had been an innocent doctor and had passed away due to unknown reason when my son was only three. I did not want to go after that incident and I concentrated on my dear son. Our family was very loving and I had very good terms with other employees. My brother’s and sister’s family too always helped me.

My main duty at that time in my office was to prepare the Annual report of the organisation consisting of 6000 employees to be forwarded to the parliament. The Annual budget was several Billions of Rupees. I translated the English report to Sinhalese too. I am conversant in both the languages.

In April 2013, I completed MSc in Environmental Engineering and Management from University of Moratuwa. I typed the report and compiled the full document myself. My score was above 70 and the highest score in the batch . My friend told me my peer Engineers were calling me a maniac in the mean time. In April 2014, I decided to leave my Chief Engineer post after serving as a BSc Engineer for 27 years while 7 years left for retirement since my peer Engineers continued to insult me after much effort taken to convince them that I was normal. When I was leaving the organisation Management requested me to stay offering a major project worth Rs Billions. They were genius being very senior Engineer who had been supervising me closely for years.

Recently I wrote two technical letters voluntarily and forwarded to United Nations Security Council. One regarding a severe huge water leak in Uma Oya Multi Purpose Project stating it as an emergency situation. The other requesting to provide helicopters during a severe flood while people are trapped roof tops without even food. Both I wrote personally on behalf of my country without for any benefit since I love my country. That is the nature I help others.

Today almost in my country do not speak to me. I do not know the reason. I could remember I told It is very difficult for me to stay without talking and I feel like dying. I told that in front of an Additional GM when I was call upon to tell my grievances. when I was leaving. I could remember thereafter my peers responded me that they do not talk to me since I was a devil. Now i feel almost all of my peer Engineers may be thinking I must have died, since no one talked to me. I feel in my country what ever great help I do for others they would abandon me without talking due this trend.

Recently my doctor said when you are happy you are having mania. I felt that for the last 40 years at times I was happy I was having mania. I could remember very beautiful pictures even when I was at 52. I was of the view condition mania is related to some confused state. I observed I could identify a person who is confused even at first sight. I know I am wise. I am very good in working out sums and in English. Yet I know I am a maniac for ever in this country. And people would never talk to me for whatever my good deed.

I do not care about this people who do not seem to have gratitude. I am worried about my adorable son having noble qualities. When I see around and watch what many are doing in this country I feel being maniac is better. And only a maniac could talk freely in this country. Really I love freedom more than any thing else.

I feel myself as a wonder.

Develop Your Psychic
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ESP is a natural ability, possessed in some measure by every person and capable of being developed with proper training.  The degree to which you may develop any ability is dependent on your natural aptitude.

People’s lives are influenced by psychic factors to a far greater extent than they realise, and in ways that are seldom suspected.  ESP is an important factor in matters of health, creativity, “luck” and personal relationships.

Once it has been activated, this power can transform the most mundane events into the most extraordinary.  There is a universe of untapped power, an infinite resource, within the psychic reach of every person, regardless of their current circumstances.

When you learn how to connect to your own psychic wellspring, the scope and depth of your perception will increase, and you will gain access to information and concepts that would otherwise remain beyond your reach.

The psychic world is not a separate reality; it is an extension of the reality that we all share, and the insights you will gain through increased psychic awareness will contribute in a positive way to the quality of your day-to-day life on every level.

As your psychic skills emerge and improve, so too will your powers of creative self-expression, your ability to “read” other people, and your ability to make insightful, life-changing decisions.