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Missing Time
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By Dianne

Hi Louise when I saw the story someone sent to you about their UFO experience, I thought I would tell mine.
This happened about 10 years ago, I come from a very rural town in Montana but was working in Helena, I was going home for the weekend which was quite a long drive so by the time I got close to home it was nearly 2am.
I had noticed some lights in the sky and as any normal person would, I thought it was a plane or helicopter, that was until whatever it was flew right over the top of my car and as that happened my engine stopped and so did the craft with the lights, they were so bright I couldn’t look at them cause they hurt my eyes.
I was petrified I’ve never been as scared and I don’t know or remember what happened next, it seemed like I blinked and the lights were gone and my engine started I looked to see what the time was and it was 3.30am I had lost an hour and a half, I have no recollection of this time and still to this day can’t explain it.

So yes I agree with the caption on your post “UFO”S Do Exist But What Are They?” I don’t know if I what to know.

UFO’s Exist But What Are They?
Category: UFO'S Author: Guest Author Date: 11 months ago Comments: 0

By Amina

When I was 10 and playing with my neighbour and friend in front of our houses I looked to the sky and saw some kind of flying thing with lights (I recall red and blue or maybe green). It was very fast then it came at maybe 30 meters from us and stopped. It stood still above the trees. I was very frightened, my friend ran home and I did too. I told my family everything and my brother did a drawing from my description.