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My Mother My Angel
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By Rachael

Hi Louise my world seems to be a bit like yours and I’d like to tell you about my Mom, she died when I was very young and she was a lot like me or me her, we are different to most people (well so I thought until I read some of the stories people have sent into you)
I have the ability to see into other realms or dimensions or they open up to me I’m not sure how it works, ever since my Mom died I have been able to communicate with her she used to come to me as a little girl so I thought it was a normal thing, until I got older and now know it is definitely not normal.
It has been a lovely thing for me over the years as I feel like I know her and the reality is I really don’t remember her I was to young when she passed, I can speak to her when I need to and I know she tries to protects me (she has given me the tools to cope) from other bad spirits that try to communicate with me or harm me in any way.
I think she had a very strong gift when she was alive and she is still strong on the other side, I now have 2 little girls of my own and I think they both share this same gift and I will help them cope with this like my Mom did for me and I know she is there helping us all as well.
Thanks for letting me share as this is not a story I can tell many only my close family and friends know and it is nice to have a place for people like us to go to and see there are others somehow it gives a sense of confirmation.

Portals To Other Worlds
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Hi ,I’ve had some experiences . One one night I woke to go to the toilet only to stand up and be frozen on the spot. In the hallway directly in front of me was a giant white orb. It was floor to ceiling and walls to wall width of my hall way. It stayed there just like a portal really. I felt shocked but also calm. It was there roughly about 20 seconds. So it felt like a really long time. And then like a click of a finger it was gone. The light faded from the outer circle inwards till there was just darkness. I felt like somebody was watching me as all this happened. My mother hadn’t passed then. She passed 3 yrs later.
There was also the time I slept at my sister’s house. It was morning and I went downstairs to make coffee . I came back up to see (what I thought was my nephew) just stood staring into a full length mirror. When I told my sister & hubby why Billy was acting strange they replied “Billy’s not here Wendy! He stayed at his mates last night!”
So I told them what I saw . I then learned that a young lady died there before they moved there. She had a mental illness. Had same colour and length hair as my nephew and her bedroom was my nephew’s room. Weird! I have also seen the ghost in a famous spot near my city. She was glowing as she rowed down a river. I’ve seen some dark things too. Not all have been good

Turn It Off Baby
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By Arlene

Hi Louise this is my experience about mysterious events that happened in my home.
It was the middle of the night and something woke me up, I realized that the television was on, so I got up to turn if off thinking one of my family members must have forgotten to switch it off before going to bed. When I walked out of my bedroom and looked into the sala I was surprised to see a small boy watching the TV, I was surprised because we don’t have any small children living in our house and was wondering where he came from. Then I got the strangest feeling and goosebumbs all over my body, trusting my instincts I whispered “Turn off the TV when your finished watching it baby ok” and turned around and went back to bed.
In the morning when I woke up it was all quiet in our sala the TV was off and I asked Mom if she had been watching TV last night? She looked at me and said no, so I asked her if she heard the TV on in the middle of the night? Again she said no, I know this sounds strange but it has happened not once but on a couple of occasions and always at the same time of the night as the first time.

Visitors From The Other Side
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By Annet

This is my real life experience, which I encountered just before my mothers death, I was by her side during the last days of her life she was suffering from cancer and was in severe pain.
One day while I was with her she suddenly started telling strange things, which I could not understand, she called out some people’s names and said that they were near her bed and even told me look at them, when I looked around I could not find anybody but she kept on insisting that they were there. Then I asked her who were those people then she said some names which I could recall that they were our relatives and neighbours who had died so many years ago. But I wondered how could she see them now, I kept on asking so many questions myself, but no body could answer my questions .This is a mystery that still haunts my mind.

Thank you


Hiding In The Darkness
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By Abbey

I live in a society where things don’t happen naturally due to diverse culture & tradition with unnatural spiritual under tone. Things happen that you can’t just talk about because you could be talking to the wrong person. Demons, Ghost and Spirit in human form, not to mention the people possessed with witchcraft spirit, Marine spirit and so many different types in the society I live in.
September 1999, about 12 mid night, I was alone in my room listening to music then I heard voices in my head and I wanted to dismiss it as imagination but the voice said we shall see. I got scared, left the room and went to the sitting room put on the T. V. But didn’t put on the light, suddenly I heard something walking towards me from the back of the sitting room. When it got to where I sat down I got this overwhelming feeling that I was going to die. A thought came to me that if I was going to die let me go to my Moms room and die. When I took the 1st step I stopped and thought is this really going to be the end of me, I thought well what can I do and took 3 more steps in the direction of the room and stopped again to think that is this really the end? I now realized that something was wrong because I was not sick and nothing was physically wrong with me so why should I accept Death just like that so I put on the sitting room light and faced the empty space and started praying and talking to the emptiness. Next thing that happened scared the crap out of me. The ceiling fan, which was off at the time, started vibrating on its own, I continued praying, I used something to whip under the ceiling fan and the vibration stopped then the shower in the bathroom opened on its own, it was about 2.30a.m, the room I left seem to be filled up with people & I was hearing the sound of dogs barking, evil birds crying , cats etc all outside of the house with no other living soul awake to witness what was happening. In the process of praying I got inspired and challenged whatever entity to show it’s face and to stop hiding under the veil of darkness. I called names of some people living around the environment at the time & told them that as long as they don’t have the guts to show their faces that means I have conquered them and if they see me in the streets the will never be able to come face to face with me again. At about 4 a.m the nearby Mosque started calling the morning prayers and everything stopped . All the people I called their names ever since then never passed in front of my house again and avoided me by all means. It is the scariest experience I have ever had but I thank God am alive to tell the story for the very first time.

Skin As White As A Ghost
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Once when I was walking home from buying something at the nearest convenience store from our house at 11:55 pm. The street doesn’t have at least one person except for me. After 5 minutes when I am nearly quarter a mile from my house, I suddenly felt a light, cold touch on my right leg, but when I looked back there was nothing. I continued walking and it is currently 12:03 when I saw a young boy running across the street, but when I tried to look for him he was gone. I thought it was just because I am very sleepy and it is just my imagination. After a few minutes, I am nearly close to my house when the same boy was in front of me looking at the sky when I shouted hey to him he looked at me with hollow eyes, a bloody smile and his skin was as pale as a dead person buried under the ground. I tried to scream help but as hard as I could try I can’t. I was deeply traumatized. All I could think about is to run go straight to bed, but as he got closer the more I froze. When he is near me I pushed away my fear and trauma and ran to my house and didn’t say about anything to my parents and went directly to sleep. But everytime I sleep I get nightmares about him, I see images of him in every place I go and feel like I am in eternal darkness. It only stopped when I went to the church and prayed for it all to stop.
The End

My Grandfather Is A Seer
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By Mark

Hello 😊 here is my story about ghosts. This is the very first time I found out that I can see them, maybe its not the first but this story is what I remembered. When I was a kid, I already have this ability, the ability to see ghosts. That night, my sister asked me to watch over her outside the CR. Our CR that time is outside the house and there is no electricity. Its soo dark like I couldn’t see anything because I didn’t bring a flashlight. While my sister is inside the cr, I saw 3 people standing in front of me, they slowly turned their faces towards me and stared. When my sister called me, I was about to go inside the cr when they suddenly shut the door. I cried and my grandfather ran to me, and he said some words I cant even understand. After hearing those words, I have never seen them again.

Laughter From The Bedroom
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By Alexander

This happened when I was just 7 years old: It was 12 am at that time I was alone with my baby sitter waiting for my mom to arrive home, we were in the living room at the time, my babysitter slept beside me while I watch some cartoons.
Now this was the part when I experience something that I can’t forget till now, I was watching this cartoon “Tom and Jerry” and behind me is my bedroom which I never use except for playing, every time I laughed I heard these little voices who also laughed and the sound was coming from my bedroom. I was shaking and sweating and scared out of my mind until 1am when I heard a knock on our front door, I asked “Who is it”? Then I heard my mom’s voice and quickly opened the door and hugged my mom and cried a lot I told her what I had experienced I was so young at that time I didn’t know what was happening since then I have experienced a lot and have many more stories to tell.

The Sleeping Demon
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By Rein

Hi guys. I just need some knowledge or explanation to this. Please

When I sleep I normally do not see ghosts. However if I sleep and I can only hear a clock ticking or any sounds this like ticking I suddenly wake up and all i know is that I cannot move my body and only my right eye will open and that’s the time I can see some kind of ghosts or something maybe a demon. One time they whispered to me in a language that I did not understand in a cold breath and an evil aura I can feel and I’m scared to death.

Great Grandparents
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By Dane

I don’t know if It’s really that paranormal but it creeped me out

When I was a kid I remembered playing with my 2 great grandparents from dad’s side of the family I used to draw 2 angels representing them in every family drawing
now I’ve grown up I don’t see them anymore I was wondering where they went
one time mom was talking to grandma (the daughter of my great grandparents I was talking about) I over heard their conversation since mom talked about my little brother’s dream (he said “good night daddy” the only person we call daddy is my grandpa who is dead)
Mom said “My daughter had that kind of experience remember? she saw your parents too” I was confused so I asked them what do they mean and mom said “when you were a kid, you used to play with yourself and draw 2 little angels, you even said you saw your great grandparents” I was shocked “Mom! I swear I saw them!” I said “ But they were already dead before your older cousin was born” mom replied
“but I clearly remembered them playing with me, great grandpa even accidentally put a little burn mark on my hand…” I said back
and since then no one talked about them
also the burn mark is still visible on my hand until today

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