ArchAngel Michael
Aug 2, 2019 @ 10:17

By Oluwarotimi Awofisan

Hello, my name is Oluwarotimi John Awofisan I’m writing this email to you cuz I see it as a chance for the world to hear my story. This started when I was a child between four and six years old. I would sleep and see Angels in my dreams. The first one I remembered from my childhood was my Mom and I walking on a street and I saw this Angel in white linen and immediately I saw him I was terrified and looked facing down on a spot. To my amazement my Mom didn’t see the Angel but the Angel touched me then and he went on his way.
Before my teenage years I joined a choir at my local Church where I sang at different services I was in my junior high then, when life hit me I couldn’t concentrate in school, I lost focus and I graduated with low grades but I thought I could blame it on my home as I was trained by a single mom.
I missed my steps and I went into alcohol, marijuana and quick sex, I couldn’t proceed into higher institutions I was stuck and became stagnated. Until I was visited by demons and evil spirits hearing voices in my head I thought I’d lost my mind. During those times I would just have my short prayers, it got to a time I would see visions like seeing an Angel in the Moon, a Cross inside the Moon with a dove descending upon me.
That was the beginning of my pains in the world of the Spirits, I left our house one day and went away as a mad boy, I didn’t take a cab or bus but walked to the heart of the city. The voices I was hearing were too heavy in my head and I walked onto highway with moving cars doing top speeds and I rolled my body back and forth without been hit by any cars. So I got up and I could see people by the road watching my craziness, one tall man came to me with a soldiers belt and beat me I screamed. I went from one place to another sleeping in the bush. In the process I became naked and on the third day I went to a park to look for some clothes to put on. A voice spoke to me “It is done”. Instantly I was settled in my spirit and I saw a guy who gave me his tattered clothes to wear.
Medicine took charge of my insanity after several times in Church, I have a good Mom that’s supportive who never gave up on me and I was whole again. Still to this day I do have visitation of Angels often, they instruct me on every step of the way. Funny enough Lucifer is among the Angels, but they instructed me to go into the ministry. Once Lucifer roared in my bedroom and I was unbothered. The Angels come as males and females, I see so many terrifying things but I have nobody to tell, I told my Mom a part of it but she wouldn’t listen.
The visions I see are in the book of revelation I am a Martyr, a suffering Servant. There are lies and deceits in the world today which I do not subscribe to. Let me hit it, I’m Archangel Michael who is in charge of the people.
The book of the Prophets spoke about me and here I am. Let nobody deceive you the Messiah is living amongst you. The Scripture is being fulfilled in our days.

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