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Dream Came True?
Category: The Paranormal Author: Nahian Date: 1 year ago Comments: 0

I don’t normally experienced or saw anything supernatural. But I sure do get some weird dreams and unfortunately or fortunately those come true. Lets come to the first dream that came true or should i say i noticed i dreamed something, i remembered it and it actually school final exam was going on. i was in 7th grade by that time. our state had been going through some internal probs that time so the situation wasn’t safe which made the school authority postponed some of your exams which was supposed to be taken later though they didn’t give any specific date for that. so i didn’t think much about it and waited for them to notify us. one night on a Friday ( i remember the day because there is a reason) i dreamed that i came out of the bathroom, sat on a side of my bed and suddenly the phone rang. i picked up and a girl from my class ( we weren’t much close, so her call is unexpected) was saying why i didn’t come to the exam today. i was like- what? and then suddenly i looked at the clock and it was 1 pm. my dream broke. it was so real that i actually thought i missed my exam and when i looked at the cock it was 7 am in the morning. that time i called some friends to approve that there’s no exam today. there wasn’t. i thought of it as a bad dream and slept again. exactly after week the next Friday, i woke up, went to bath and when i just sat on that side of my bed my phone rang and exactly that girl called and the same way like my dream she asked why i didn’t go to the exam. i felt deja vu and i looked at the clock subconsciously and it was 1 pm. i was so shocked about the whole thing that the thought of not giving exam didn’t even come to my head. i was thinking how is this possible and it’s like i didn’t dream… i practically had a vision. from that day on i gave priorities to what i dream. ( and no i didn’t need t repeat the year, the authority mismanaged my stuff, so go to the next grade.)