Louise’s Story – My Haunted House
Dec 11, 2018 @ 3:33

Louise’s Story

Hi, I’m Louise and this is the story of my haunted house.

My husband and I had moved towns for work and had purchased an old house, it had been built over 100 years ago but was full of charm and character.
From the first day my family and I moved in there, strange things started to happen, doors would fly open and slam closed, and as I was the only one at home I knew it wasn’t me. I would call out “Is anyone there?” but would never get a response.
One Saturday afternoon after a big day of unpacking some boxes I lay on the couch to have a rest and must have fallen asleep for a little while. I woke up with the feeling that I was being watched and when I opened my eyes there was a young girl about mid- teens with mid length sandy coloured hair standing next to the couch looking down at me. She had a pretty face I could see so clearly as her face so close to my own, it was the feeling I got when I saw her that made me so terrified I couldn’t even breath. I’m not sure how I knew but instinct told me this girl was a spirit and not real, I closed my eyes hoping that when I opened them again she would be gone and when I summoned the courage to open my eyes again, she had vanished.
Unexplainable things would happen daily becoming a regular occurrence, when I would walk into the kitchen draws and cupboard doors would fly open, knives would fly across the room, the doors to the bedrooms would open then slam shut, my family and I were terrified in our new house.

Finally, I decided enough was enough!

I needed to find out what was going on, we were being held hostage in our own home.  After doing some research on the history of the house I discovered the horrendous story of what had unfolded there.  The family that had built the house about 100 years before comprised of the mother and father and ten children. One of the middle children, a girl named Arlina, had gone missing when she was 15 years old. They found her body four days after her disappearance drowned in a nearby creek.
The newspaper artical I found told THIS horrible story, she was being sexually abused by her father and one of her older brothers and had been for many years. As she got older and realised that this was not normal, she threatened her father and brother if they didn’t stop she was going to tell someone about what they had been doing to her. The father and brother were furious and devised a gruesome plan to hide their hideous crimes.
One afternoon, on the ruse of making amends to Arlina, they asked her to pack a picnic as they were taking some of her siblings down to the creek fishing and asked if she would like to join them.  When she got there, of course, there was only Arlina.  Her older brother grabbed her and threw her into the creek and held her head under water until she drowned.

I was so sad when I found out what had happened to Arlina I cried and said a prayer for her.  Every day after that I began to speak out loud to her as I was going about my daily life in our home. I would tell her stories about my own life, and ask her questions about her’s.
From the day I found out about Arlina story, things in the house calmed down, and become peaceful for the first time since we had arrived, I still to this day continue to say prayers and speak to Arlina regularly and somehow I just know that all she was looking for was for someone to acknowledge her, she had now come out of that darkness and into the light.

This happened many years ago and I am still living in the same house, to this day I feel her presence from time to time as if she is here watching over us all.

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