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Have you seen a ghost? Have you ever felt something strange?
There are MANY of us who have...

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I have a curse or a gift, whatever you want to call it, I can see what’s invisible to most other people.

You call them ghosts and demons but some of them are living nightmares.

It is part of human nature to be curious about these things, it is a universal questioning, every race and culture has stories that go back centuries about the spirit world, demons, angels, skin walkers, and so much more.

Even if you just love to read about the demons or monsters or the horrors that lurk in the dark universe that runs parallel to ours you will not be disappointed.

This is not make believe this happens to real people, people just like you and I in every country around the world.

I was in my teens when this started happening to me and I had no idea what was going on, I was terrified most nights and didn’t want to talk to anyone about it because I was sure they would think I was crazy.

I finally decided to talk to my parents about what was going on and amazingly enough this curse or gift apparently runs in my family, I had an Aunty who had the same gift and after hearing her story (which is a big one on it’s own and for another time) I developed some tools of my own to deal with what was happening to me.

As I got older I learnt to control the things that were happening to me and now I actually quite enjoy my gift, and have found I can help other people that are going through what I did in the beginning.

Most people find it hard to talk to anyone about things like this, they are called crazy or insane or just looking for attention, if this is happening to you or anyone you know I can help.

I thought I would be cursed for the rest of my life never to be “normal” again, but things CAN turn around for you like they did for me you just need the tools to deal with it.

Read the stories for yourself and you decide if you believe……

Terrifying dreams unearthly visions, horror comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Entities trapped in a realm between heaven and hell, which leaves them here on earth to walk and interact amongst US.

Some of these entities can be reasoned with while others cannot, these are some of the stories that can be found inside.

But be warned: do not  read these at night, some of these horror stories will leave you looking under your bed and in your closet because they are real stories from real people, and when YOU try to get to sleep tonight, who knows what or who may come to visit……

Not everyone Rests In Peace……..



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Hi and welcome to all our new members.

Sometimes not often we CAN live beside the spirits that dwell in our homes………….

More great spirit stories – please enjoy this video

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We are coming into a time of change and people all around the world are talking about subjects that previously were not open for mainstream discussion.

There is a movement taking place right now and some of the biggest mysteries ever known to us could be solved in our lifetime.
With the staggering rise of social media, and technology racing forward at the speed of light, the myths and legends of ancient cultures are being questioned like never before in history.

History as we know it is being questioned more openly now.

The Spirit World
(Paranormal investigators, Ghost hunters, TV shows about real people or families and the things that happen to them.)

Ufo’s & Aliens
Is There Other Life Out There In The Universe?
(This one is probably going to be the first mystery to be solved, as some of our most respected scientists are now saying we cannot be the only ones, it is more likely there IS other life out there than not.)

Unxeplained Creatures?
(Fire breathing dragons, mermaids & bigfoot are just some of the creatures that have been whispered about in legends and myths for centuries, why have these stories endured and been handed down from generation to generation!)

There have been more discoveries and sightings of all of the above subjects today, because of our cutting edge technology and our ability to share the information gathered.

We are on the edge of a new beginning, one that could bring answers to questions that have been asked since the beginning of time.
The subject of the mysterious and the unexplained is a fascinating one, will you be part of the new age movement that helps discover and share just some of the information collected?

There are many more mysteries out there, too many to write about now, and if you have questions about anything unexplained or a story to share, join me on this journey of discovery and be part of our exciting new future!!!!!